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Fire - in the form of flames and smoke - is one of the leading cause of accidental death.
Thousands of people die each year in home/ office fires. More than 90 percent of fire deaths and injuries result from fires in one and two family houses and apartments. Property losses are in billions of dollars annually, and the long term emotional damage to victims and their loved ones is incalculable.

How safe are you from fire?

We help protect your offices, high rise buildings, Commercial Buildings, Hospitals, Cinema Halls, Auditoriums, malls etc. by compartmentation, passive fire protection products & fire safety equipments.


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Fire Doors

Fire Rated Glass

Fire Cable Barrier

Intumescent Seal

Intumescent Sealant

Door Coordinator


Panic/ Exit Device

Fire Retardant Coating

Fire Luminescent Glow Signs

Fire Extinguishing Ball

Architectural Hardware