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Fire Rated & Wire Glass creates a barrier to smoke & flames that ordinary glass can't. When heated beyond 250°F, normal glass will break and allow easy access for smoke and fire to spread. Fire-rated glass has been tested in conditions where the temperature may exceed 1,000°F. Fire-rated glass that has passed that kind of testing will remain intact and restrict the expansion of the fire.

Typically, fire-rated glass is used instead of ordinary window glass in corridors, lobbies, stairwells and other areas of a building that could serve as an escape route during a fire.

Wired Glass is a criss-cross (Square or Diamond Mesh) wire pattern in the glass. The wire is embedded in the glass to hold it in place during a fire.

The Wired glass offered is from Pilkington UK and Central Glass Co and it stands fire rating for Integrity & Stability only depending on the Framing Arrangement. We also offer clear fire rated glass from Saint Gobain Glass and Schott Glass. These Glasses are available in various thickness depending upon the type of rating and insulation required. As per National Building Code of India 2016, the Fire Door shall have minimum 20 minutes insulation. These glasses are suitable for Glazed Fire Doors having 120 minutes integrity and stability with 20 minutes insulation. Various thicknesses i.e. 10 mm, 11 mm, 13 mm, 14 mm are available.

It is very important to have the correct system of framing the Fire Rated Glasses. The complete system together i.e.glass with intumescent seal/Gasket decides the performance of Fire Rating of Glazed Fire Rated Partitions and Glazed Fire Doors.




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