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Intumescent Acrylic Sealant is a emulsion acrylic that swells when subjected to temperatures in excess of 125'C. The sealant forms a charcoat that prevents the passage of fire. It is a smooth, over paintable, easily applied compound which cures in air to form a resilient, tack free seal. It is ideal for a toxic gas, hot and cold smoke seal. The Sealant can be used internally and externally and is a gunnable grade of Cable Coat. Intumescent Sealant consists of water-based thermoplastic resins, inorganic incombustible fibres, fillers, pigments and flame retardant chemicals. It is free of solvents.

Intumescent sealant can be used for scaling the civil gaps due to variation penetrations such as cables / conduits / pipes / ducts etc. in walls and floors. Suitable for scaling the gaps between frames of glass shutters, window glazing & walls.





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